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Why MFeasy in the first place !

MFEasy is one of the most trusted Brand of KS FINOLEG Services Private Limited under the trusted & experienced advisory of Mr.Goutam Sarkar (LLB, SEBI NISM Certified-MFD, Certified Financial Goal Planner-NSE), who started his financial carrier in 2003 with India’s one of the most reputed financial house of India in financial savings, protection and Wealth Management Services, now serving different financial investment products like:- #Corporate Fixed Deposit, #Mutual Fund & SIP, #Portfolio Management Services (PMS), #Alternative investment Fund (AIF), #Global Stock & Real Estate Investment, #Share, Commodity & Currency Trading, #IPO, #NCD, #All types of Insurances-Life, Medical & General, #Unlisted Shares, #National Pension Scheme(NPS) #Home Loan, Gold Loan & Car Loan, #Loan against Share, #Tax Free Bond & 54EC bond # All types of Financial & Legal Services / Advisory etc. Our Vision is to provide Best Value for Money to the Investors through innovative & customized financial Planning & Products, based on Age, Investment Duration & Risk Appetite), Trading & Investment Strategies, State of art Technologies and personalized services. We also educate (under the supervisory of Sraboni Sinha Roy, One of the Director of the Company) our investors in financial savings, investments & Wealth Management, so that they can reach their every financial Goals with discipline financial approach. We just follow the simple formula - “Start Early, Save Regularly to enjoy Regular Cash Flow & Long-Term Wealth.” We also understand that each customer has different financial needs, and they need to allocate savings in different assets accordingly. We take special care of Individuals, Corporates, Senior Citizens, Widows, Army personnel, HNI’s & Small Investors. Happy to help our clients to become a “Successful Investor”.

Who are We?

There are a few things about money that can transform the ways you live. These are mostly as personal as your income, spending, saving, and investment plans and are as unique as you are. Always keep in mind that it is your saving & investment, not your income only, that help you to meet your regular financial needs, but also to create long-term wealth, and it matters a lot more on the business front.

Needless to say, that things get better if you have someone on your side willing to invest time to understand you and your unique financial goals like a higher return on your savings, regular cash management, tax solutions, a secure retirement, a family future, medical expenses, or something more.

MFeasy professionals with deep insight into the financial market do all these based on your defined goal(s)and build a personal financial plan to get you there. A unique strategy and plan that genuinely reflects you. We assist in streamlining corporate finances too.

In our ecosystem, we have a few industry leaders in the relevant fields and have partnered with them for Stock Broking, Insurance, Mutual Fund, PMS, AIF, Loans, Corporate Deposits and other financial & Legal Services.

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MFeasy Financial & Legal Services that help you meet your needs.

  • First, Do risk profiling of an Investor.
  • Identify short, medium, and long-term Goals.
  • Develop strategies to achieve your financial Goals.
  • Create an Emergency Fund & along with Financial Protection.
  • Choose tax-effective investment return.
  • Provide Personalized RM Support with Digital Presence.
  • Investor Awareness Camp.
  • Make the most of your superannuation.
  • Income Tax assistance and allied works.
  • Legal Services & Advisory like Court work, Will making, heir issue, property sale, and transfer.
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